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Passenger Window Replacement

Let’s face it. Leaving your cracked passenger window unrepaired can be like playing with fire. Sure you may be skimping out on some up front costs, but when it comes to your safety, should you really be taking such risks? Your passenger window is the immediate barrier between the passengers you drive and the outside. An unreplaced side window can make you feel like you’ve got a cloud of uncertain danger looming over your head at all times. We suggest to get your windows replaced to avoid all the uncertainty. One thing is for certain, a newly replaced and functional window secures your vehicle and your passengers for a safe and comfortable ride.

Why a passenger window replacement might be the best solution for your car

If your passenger window has a crack our auto glass experts recommend getting it replaced as soon as possible to avoid any further damage. Passenger windows are usually made from a laminated glass.This process entails that two pieces of glass are bonded together with a vinyl layer in between. The vinyl helps protect any passengers from any objects that may shatter the glass and make their way into the car’s interior in the case of an accident. The vinyl also helps lessen the blow in case passengers hit the glass. Cracks to your passenger window can weaken this bound protective layers, making your vehicle and passengers more prone to intense car damage and safety concerns in the case of an accident or unforeseen external factors like extreme weather or the impact from a simple bump in the road.

Good Auto Glass vs. Competitor’s replacement glass

Auto glass serviced in the U.S. are required to pass National Highway Traffic Safety Administration baseline standards. However, do not be fooled; many auto glass companies attempt to sell you low grade glass to cut costs. Why choose Good Auto Glass? At Good Auto Glass we use high grade glass that not only passes standardized high test requirements, but surpasses them. Our family owned business genuinely wants to serve our community in the Orange County area with not just an affordable fix, but with good quality glass. Glass comes in different grades, and at Good Auto Glass, we pride ourselves in using only the good stuff; it’s even in our name! Some other differentiating factors of auto glass is glass type, from manufacturer’s vs. generic glass. We will work with you to find the most cost efficient yet secure and quality replacement solution for your vehicle.

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