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Rear Windshield Repair

If you have a chip, crack, or any surface scratches on your back glass, immediate back window repair should be considered. The back windshield, or back glass, is located on the back end of your car. The rear windshield protects passengers and helps your vehicle keep its sturdy frame. Similar to the rest of a car’s glass, rear windshields are also made from tempered glass, often referred to as safety glass, as it is treated with chemicals or heat to be able to withstand intense forces. It is important to repair all damage to your back windshield as it is the immediate protective barrier between your car cabin and the outside world, not to mention, the back glass protects the back end of your car, a commonly accident prone spot. Call Good Auto Glass today to speak with an expert technician, to find the best back window repair for your rear windshield.

Assessing your Back Windshield Damage

When repairing your back glass, it is important to first assess any and all damages. Check out our list of various types of rear window repair damages to identify the type of windshield damage that your vehicle may have. While damages to your vehicle’s rear auto glass may not always be repairable, Good Auto Glass offers quick quality rear windshield replacement services. We can replace your car’s back windshield, hassle free. Just bring your car on-site today, or call for mobile back windshield repair service, and we’ll get our expert technicians to come to you!

Glass Chip

Glass chips often caused by blunt force or road debris is often repairable. What starts as a small chip in your rear glass can often spread to a crack.

Shattered Glass

Get your rear windshield glass replaced immediately. Please refrain from driving on the road with a shattered rear windshield, or any shattered windows for that matter. It is not only highly dangerous, but also illegal in the state of California. Just give us a call and our mobile service technicians can come to you and have your auto glass replaced in no time.

Glass Crack

With glass cracks, location is key. Cracks that are located towards the center of your windshield are typically easier and a back windshield repair is doable, while edge cracks may require a rear windshield replacement. When examining glass cracks, length is also a factor. Glass cracks that exceed 6 inches are considered unsafe, and will most likely require windshield replacement.

Stress Crack

Glass cracks caused by extreme weather conditions like heat, wind, or shockwaves are usually not repairable. But don’t sweat it, Good Auto Glass can provide you with a quick and easy rear windshield replacement as soon as today. Let us worry about the details so that we can get you back on the road safely as soon as possible.

Glass Scratches

A scratch on your windshield that is smaller than a crack, but remains on the surface is considered a glass scratch. Glass scratches can be easily repaired with little to no problem, when fixed immediately. If not taken care of, glass scratches can begin to collect debris, which can make simple repairs a bit more difficult. They can grow into full glass cracks if not cared for. Deep glass scratches should be diagnosed and repaired by professional technicians, as the size, depth, and location of the scratch can call for a more intensive repair. Contact us to speak with a technician to find out what kind of rear window repair would be best for your auto glass.

Rear Windshield Vs. Front Windshield Repairs

Customers may often be confused by the differences in rear or back windshield costs compared to front windshield repair costs. Rear windshields are made from tempered glass, unlike front windshields which are made from laminated glass. Tempered glass is designed to shatter into smaller pieces to prevent glass related injury. Price differences in repair types are often due to the different types of glass that the different windshields are made from. Also, if you’ve ever noticed the stripes on your rear window, it is because rear windshields often have a defrost grid that helps melt ice off your car in cold weather conditions. Because of these distinct differences in back windshield and front windshield glass, prices in repair types may vary.

An Affordable Price Tag and Lifetime Warranty with Good Auto Glass

Good Auto Glass aims to provide you with a quick rear window repair solution for your auto repair needs. Our expert technicians want to provide you with an affordable and quality back window repair experience. In the case of windshield replacement, we want to offer an affordable price tag and lifetime warranty for all of the service and parts we offer. Our Lifetime Warranty covers: air leaks or noises around the repaired or replaced auto glass, moulding retention, leaks or other moulding issues around the replaced glass, and manufacturer defects with the replaced auto glass.

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