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Drivers Window Repair

The drivers window is the immediate side window located to the left of the driver’s seat. Good Auto Glass provides both auto glass repair and replacement services for damaged drivers windows as well as car window repair for car window regulator. When dealing with your electric window repair, it is best to consider immediate window regulator repair should be addressed especially if any impairments to your glass obstructs your vision when checking your side mirrors or blind spots. Major cracks or broken glass should be addressed as it not only obstructs the driver’s view of pedestrians, side cars, and oncoming cyclists riding in parallel lanes, but can also be a safety hazard when driving on the highway in rough weather conditions or when dealing with potential car theft. Check out our car glass and car window repair services in detail below.

Car Glass and Electric Window Repair Services

For minor scratches, chips, or small glass cracks, Good Auto Glass offers window regulator repairs. Damage and cracks to your car window regulator, can not only be cosmetically unappealing, but can also obstruct the driver’s view especially when checking the side mirrors or making left turns. Cracks in the side drivers window can also leave your vehicle more vulnerable to car theft as it makes your car visibly less protected and easier to break into. Save yourself any further damage and call for an appointment today. Electric windows are an incredible convenience to everyday life, until they stop working that is! When your power windows no longer roll up like they are designed to, or will no longer roll down at the press of a button or switch, you may start to temporarily wish that you had a hand-turned crank handle. Have you ever found yourself in a similar situation? A broken car window regulator can become an incredible annoyance in harsh weather conditions or even when doing simple everyday tasks like leaving your car parked in a lot unattended. Broken electric windows can compromise safety, and be a nuisance to your everyday normal routine. At Good Auto Glass we know that you’ve got better things to worry about, and we want to provide you with a quick and affordable solution to make your car window repair as painless and quick as possible for you. Click here for an instant quote on your electric window repair or call us at (714) 994-0900 to schedule an appointment today.

Need a Window Regulator Repair, but can’t drive to our shop?

Good Auto Glass now offers mobile services because we understand how busy your lifestyle is and how inconvenient it can be having your auto glass replaced. Whether at the convenience of your home, or the parking lot of your workplace, our experienced technicians will gladly provide our car window repair services at a place of your choosing. However, we do offer special discounts if you bring the car to our shop! Call today for the service of your choosing.

Insurance and Payment

At Good Auto Glass we specialize our repair and replacement services to fit your needs. Insurance claims are just one of many methods of payment we utilize to make life a little easier. No need to worry about your provider, let us handle your claim and get you back on your feet. Good Auto Glass works with most Insurance companies, including AAA and lynx. Also, if your deductible is an issue, let us work with you to make using your insurance a more affordable alternative.

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