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Windshield Chip Repair

Do you have a cracked windshield? How big is too big? Is windshield chip repair expensive? Good Auto Glass understands that windshield chips and cracks can be crazy stressful. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about window crack repair. We hope that it can help inform you about the windshield crack repair process, and encourage you to set an appointment date with us as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions about Windshield Chip Repair

  1. What could have caused the chip in my cracked windshield? Driving on highway, debris like tiny rocks can have a forceful impact because of wind and speed at which it travels. Many drivers have experienced even post-damage, when cracks would appear a day or two after a rock has hit their windshield on the highway.
  2. Is window crack repair expensive? To your luck, windshield crack repairs are usually affordable. Depending on your insurance coverage, a window crack repair can be of little to no cost at all. At Good Auto Glass we specialize our services to fit your needs, and insurance claims are just one of many methods of payment we utilize to create more affordable alternatives for you. To cut costs, Good Auto Glass suggests scheduling an appointment as soon as you notice any damage, and to keep any chip or crack as clean as possible until the set repair date.
  3. How long does a windshield chip repair take? Windshield chip repairs can take as little as half an hour to complete! And with our on-call mobile services, getting a window crack repair can take even less time and effort than ever before. With our mobile service, you can choose a time and date, and Good Auto Glass can come to you! The quicker you get an windshield rock chips repaired, the quicker you’ll be in the clear from needing windshield crack repair or a full windshield replacement.
  4. Should I repair or replace my windshield? If a cracked windshield has damage that you can see or on the edge of the windshield, a full windshield replacement might be in order. Also, the larger the surface area it takes up, the more likely you may need a replacement. If the crack is larger than the size of a dime your windshield requires immediate attention. Call today, to speak with an auto glass technician and expert to see if you car is in need of a windshield replacement.
  5. It’ll be a couple days until I can get my windshield repaired. What should I do until then? The auto glass experts at Good Auto Glass suggest setting a repairment appointment as soon as any damage to your window or windshield is made note of. After scheduling a repair date, treat any damaged surfaces with gentle caution. Never try to buff out your chip at home, and make sure your damaged window is repaired before any major weather changes, as large fluctuations in temperature can cause chips to grow. You should also avoid washing your car or applying any internal pressure on the damaged area. Frequently further damage is caused by drivers applying pressure from inside the car, not realizing that pressure from the inside can often cause chips to grow into full cracks. Good Auto Glass also recommends staying away from any home remedy solutions that could cause left over debris and residue of foreign materials in your chip. Your best bet is to schedule an appointment and to keep your windshield crack as clean as possible.

Our Window Chip Repair Solution

Our Good Auto Glass technician will take a look at the window rock chip, assessing any crack or chip, to prescribe the best solution for the given damage. With any chip, it is best to repair your auto glass as soon as possible, as any excess dirt or debris, can get into the damaged areas, making a chip repair that could have been a quick solution, into one that leaves you car glass cloudy and stained. Minor chips are cleaned and sealed with a clear resin that is hardened to dry and blend in with the rest of the windshield glass. Excess resin is then removed to provide a smooth finish. Window chip repair can take anywhere from just thirty minutes to an hour. Contact us to schedule a Window Chip Repair appointment with Good Auto Glass today!

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