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Car Door Seal Replacement

At Good Auto Glass we offer glass replacement services as well as car door seal replacements. Worn-out door seals, also called weatherstrips, can let in unwanted moisture and traffic noise into your car cabin. Door seals act also as an impact cushion that protects your car frame when you close your car doors. The technicians at Good Auto Glass want to ensure that the rubber door seals that runs along the edges of your car door frames are doing their job in keeping rainwater and noise out of your car interior. When your door seals start pulling away from the door frame, this can leave gaps between the car frame and the seal, which can quickly become an annoying nuisance every time you open and close the car door. Professionally installing a new door seal can take up to an hour or less. To receive an instant quote call us today to get your car door seals replaced.

3 Reasons why you should get your car door seals replaced today

  1. Cold air drafts, wind, and exhaust fumes belong outside. A loose car door seal can leak in winds from the road, especially when driving at faster speeds on the highway, or in intense winter weather conditions. Getting your car door seals fixed or replaced ensures that any outside air stays out, while any air conditioned air flow remains comfortably inside your cabin. Unwanted exhaust fumes can also creep their way into your passenger compartment if broken door seals are not attended to.
  2. Rainy days are hard enough! Properly functioning car door seals should keep air moisture and all water out of your vehicle. With worn-down weatherstrips, water can easily leak into your car, and leave your car floors and seats sopping wet. This can also lead to awful post-rain odors. Get your car door seals replaced today to secure yourself a comfortable and dry ride.
  3. Unwanted drafts can also make for an extremely noisy ride! Noise Leakage can be irritating and painful to the ears. Eliminate all unwanted road noise and drive in peace with a fully sealed car door.

Professional Door Seal Replacement vs. a DIY Home Fix

Contrary to popular belief, car door seals are held in place with pressure, not glue. So any DIY fix, using solely adhesives may not be a permanent or quality fix. Rubber seals often shrink in cold weather and dislodge themselves from the car door frame. A proper repair for any loose weatherstrips would require stretching the door seal back to its original size to fit the door frame again. Over time rubber door seals also deteriorate, turning stiff and brittle. See the list of symptoms below to see if your car door seal may need replacing.

Common symptoms of a damaged door seal in need of replacing

  • When you open and close your car door, the weatherstrip loosens off the door
  • There is a visible space between the car door frame and the rubber seal, usually at the corner
  • The rubber door seal is stiff and or brittle in texture and appearance
  • There are visible cracks or tears on the car door seal
  • You experience air drafts, noise leaks, and unwanted moisture in the interior of your car

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For a quick and easy price estimate, check out our Instant Quote generator. Simply answer some questions about your vehicle make and model, and get your free cost estimate today! Let Good Auto Glass make your car door seal replacement quick and seamless. Call today at (714) 994-0900 to schedule your appointment today. With our on-site and mobile services, our expert technicians can meet you at a time and place of your convenience.

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