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Headlight Restoration

Restore the clarity of your headlights to ensure the safest and brightest drive on foggy or dark roads. Headlight restoration can transform the acrylic clear appearance from hazy to clear. Headlights can be contaminated and stained yellow from oxidation, UV rays, and humidity, leaving your lights with a cloudy looking surface. Have your headlights restored by professionals, to get the clearest finish and avoid any potential scratches. At Good Auto Glass we can help restore your headlights to achieve a brightly shining clean new look. The majority of modern day vehicles use replaceable plastic lens bulbs which are more susceptible to discoloration. If your headlights’ surface is cloudy, it can be a safety hazard on dark roads, as a dulled down headlight can significantly reduce the brightness of your headlights.

Our headlight restoration service includes

  • Removing the fog and restoring headlight clarity Cleaning the discolored and foggy surface of your headlight lens, can help restore clarity to your lights. Our technicians at Good Auto Glass will restore your lens from looking oxidized and hazy, to as clear as we can get. Features specially designed polish and sealant.
  • Providing a protective coating to guard headlights against UV Damage Our headlight restorations also include a protective coating that guards your lights against UV Damage. UV damage from the sun can leave your headlights contaminated and stained yellow. Just like we protect our own eyes from the sun with sunglasses, Good Auto Glass wants to take the extra step to protect your car lenses.
  • Get a Free Price Estimate on us! Need an instant quote? We’ve got you covered. Check out our instant quote page, for a free estimate on your headlight restoration.
  • On-Site and Mobile Service Locations Good Auto Glass can restore your headlights at our shop or at a place of your choosing, whether that be at home, work, or anywhere else for that matter. We do however offer a special discount for customers who bring their vehicles on site!
  • Top-Notch Professional Service Good Auto Glass is a family owned business with a mission to serve the Orange County community with quality automotive glass repair services. We aim to bring you our expert professional service at a great cost.

When should I use my headlights?

Headlights should be used half an hour before sunrise and half an hour after sunset, anytime the windshield wipers are being used, and when there is insufficient visibility or light, and in harsh weather conditions.

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