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Passenger Window Repair

Driving with a broken passenger window can not only be embarrassing but it can also be annoying and unsafe for both you the driver and your passengers. Protect yourself from any potential accidents or further damage costs and ensure the safety of your passengers with Good Auto Glass’ car glass repair. Damages can include small cracks and chips to a broken car window regulator. In most cases, immediate attention and auto glass repair should be considered as unpredictable external forces like road debris, harsh weather, and car theft can be safety hazards for you, your car, and any passengers. Good Auto Glass aims to serve Orange County with professional grade auto window repair at an affordable cost. Discover some of our expert tips on how to properly assess your vehicle’s window damage or car window regulator troubles below.

Assessing your car’s side window damage

Often times, car burglary results in shattered windows that need to be fully replaced. If your window damage is of lesser intensity, and constitutes as more of a glass chip, glass crack, or ding, you may be able to opt out of a window replacement for a simple auto glass repair. If your window is too damaged, it may leave your car window too weak, which may require you to get it replaced. Damaged or chipped glass can be more vulnerable to the impact of bumps in the road and any other external and internal pressures, so we recommend avoiding any driving with damaged car windows. Need help finding the best car glass repair? Good Auto Glass has years of professional expertise in auto window repairs and replacements. Call our Good Auto Glass technicians today at (714) 994-0900 for any questions or to schedule an appointment for your personalized repair service.

Why won’t my window roll up?

Have you noticed your powered windows moving slower than usual? Any lag in the speed of your electric window may signify that you are in need of an auto window repair. Modern day windows are electrically powered with a switch and motor that raises your vehicle’s window with the simple push or switch of a button; and while extremely convenient when properly functioning, a broken or worn-out motor can turn into an avoidable disturbance to your normal day to day routine. Simple functions like rolling down the window in the summer heat, or raising your window up to shield your car interior from wind, rain, dust, or noise, become impossible actions when your car window regulator is busted. Motor issues can be caused by broken regulator cables, causing the window to jam or fall down inside the door. Sometimes the window can also be separated from the regulator. In some cases, the window can be secured again.

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