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Drivers Window Replacement

No one ever imagines driving down the open road at sunset with a cracked drivers window that just won’t roll up. It really is as bad as it sounds. At Good Auto Glass we don’t just imagine you in a safe and functioning vehicle with proper windows, but we provide expertise auto glass replacements first hand. We’re in the business of good glass, and we want to provide you with the best when it comes to getting your driver’s window repaired. Your side windows are an integral part of you car’s structural support. It is also the immediate barrier between you the driver, and the hundreds of cars, bikers, and pedestrians that you may pass by in your vehicle on a day to day basis. A cracked window may be in need of immediate replacement as to not cause any further damage, and a broken electric window can be just as big of a pain, making it hard to leave your car parked and unattended or have proper control over your windows. Below we review the differences between the quality glass replacements that Good Auto Glass provides and the low grade glass that some auto glass dealers may try to sell you, and you can also find our guide below on what to do in the case of a car theft that leaves your window shattered.

Knowing the differences between Quality Glass and Low Grade Glass

Contrary to popular belief, not all automotive glass is the same. Glass can be made from different materials, treated differently to withstand various impacts, it can be colored or shaped uniquely, it can be quality and of great strength or it can be cheaply made and easily damaged and scratched. The type of auto glass that your brand new car came with is called O.E.M. Original Equipment Manufacturer. This type of glass is what your car brand had installed directly onto your vehicle in their factory. Anything other than OEM glass is classified as an OEE brand, or Original Equipment Equivalent. Both types of glass are required to pass the Federal Vehicle Safety Standards. And while OEE aftermarket glass is not necessarily poor, it is good to know the differences between both types when in the market for auto glass replacements. Here at Good Auto Glass, we only use highest grade auto glass, providing you with your choice of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or Original equipment Equivalent (OEE). All our non OEM glass (OEE) is also purchased from high quality, award winning manufacturing companies; most of which provide vehicle manufacturers with their OEM glass. Not only do we purchase our glass from award winning companies, we inspect every single glass that we get our hands on through a rigorous inspection process we have set up; this is just another way we can ensure satisfaction and peace of mind for you.

How to handle car burglary and a shattered car window

  1. Assess and document all damage Take inventory of broken windows, damaged locks, etc. Before touching the car or surrounding mess, make sure to document any details you can make out by taking pictures of any external car damage and writing out a list of damages and any missing items.
  2. Notify the authorities and file a police report Call the police to notify them of the break-in. Depending on the severity of the burglary and your city’s local law enforcement, filing a police report can be done on site by the officer, at the police station, or online. In any case, refrain from driving your car before any police assessment of the damage as to not interfere with evidence from the scene. We recommend taking public transport or calling a family member or friend for a lift, if transport is necessary. To file a police report you will need: your driver’s license, vehicle registration, insurance card or info, and any description or documentation of car damage and stolen items.
  3. Park your car in a secure location until you can get the windows fixed. Vehicles with one or more broken windows make for an easy auto theft target, so try to keep you car parked in a secure location, and if possible, in-doors. You may also want to consider freezing any credit assets and alerting your bank of potential fraud if necessary.
  4. Contact Good Auto Glass to get your window replaced Car burglary and smashed windows happen in the most unpredictable times, and Good Auto Glass wants to help ease the process of any necessary repairs or window replacements, and insurance claims are just one of many methods of payment we utilize to make life a little easier. No need to worry about your provider, let us handle your claim and get you back on your feet. You can call us today at (714) 994-0900 to schedule an immediate appointment. Our mobile service technicians are available to repair your vehicle at your home, work, or place of choosing.

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