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Rear Windshield Replacement

A damaged rear windshield should be taken seriously, and treated immediately. You vehicle’s rear windshield is located on the back end of your car. The rear windshield protects passengers and helps your vehicle keep its sturdy frame. Because rear windshields are made from safety glass, any cracks or chips to it can make it vulnerable to complete shattering, making complete windshield replacement the safest route for a secure repair. Rear windshields differ from front windshields, from shape to even the glass material they are made from. Rear windshields are made out of tempered glass, a type of glass that is strengthened by thermal treatments to be able to withstand blunt impact forces. Instead of breaking into shards when broken, tempered glass shatters into tiny granular pieces, and is often referred to as safety glass for this reason. To replace your rear windshield glass Good Auto Glass will ask what kind of vehicle you drive, noting the year, model, and make to find the correctly shaped and sized windshield glass for your car.

A Step by Step Guide to your Rear Window Replacement

  1. Assessing the glass damage Our expert Good Auto Glass technicians will assess any current windshield damage. Whether your car rear windshield is cracked or broken, we will find the best repair or replacement solution for your vehicle. We will also make note of your car model, make, and year, to find the correct replacement glass solution for your vehicle.
  2. Cleaning the area for a clean slate To give your new replacement windshield a fresh foundation, our technician will clean the area surrounding the damage, making sure that there no rust or debris residue remains on your car frame. They will also remove any plastic moldings or left-over adhesives.
  3. Applying primer and adhesive for the best bind First, to reinforce proper adhesion, our technicians will apply a primer to the car. Applying the proper adhesive primer can help bind your replacement rear windshield to your car frame. It also helps prevent corrosion in the in-between cracks between the car and glass plate. Adhesive is also used to securely keep the glass in place.
  4. Installing your brand new rear windshield! Installing your brand new back windshield is the last step of this process. Our expert technicians will install your model specific windshield with care. To finalize the replacement, we will inspect the structural integrity of your brand new rear windshield, to double check our quality of work in order to best ensure your safety!

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